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Versaterm Empowers Agencies Across California in Enhancing Community Engagement and Trust

California agencies are improving transparency, communication, and service within their communities through automated response and case updates over text and email 

Versaterm is empowering agencies across California in initiatives to enhance community engagement, goodwill, and mutual trust through technology. Agencies are leveraging Versaterm’s SPIDR Tech solution to provide crime victims, reporting parties, and other community members with automated incident updates and the ability to supply feedback on their interactions with their first responder professionals. The deployment of SPIDR Tech across the state enhances service, including incident response and transparency for community members. 


We wanted to highlight a few agencies in the state and share some of their thoughts about using the application in their community. 

Californian agencies served by Versaterm

What Agencies Are Saying

“SPIDR Tech’s platform provides us with real time feedback from the community.  The positive feedback is shared with department personnel which helps them understand the impact their role plays in the community.  The negative feedback is evaluated appropriately and gives us the opportunity to resolve additional community concerns that may have gone unreported.” ~ Craig Groll, Communications Manager, El Cajon Police Department


“As a very early adopter of SPIDR Tech, the Grover Beach Police Department continues to be a huge fan.  It provides real-time customer service information and assists us daily to provide the best service possible to our community.  It would be hard to live without.” ~ Commander Jim Munro, Grover Beach Police Department.


“The option to send automated messages to the public has greatly enhanced our ability to provide information to our customers and allows us to provide a higher level of service to the public.” ~ Christine McMillen, Police Services Manager, La Mesa Police Department


“The most useful tool we have seen thus far is the overwhelming positive feedback our community members have given to our officers and dispatchers. I find us frequently placing commendations into our employees personnel file.” ~ Lt. Ryan Coe, Tustin Police Department


“It has been outstanding as a resource for process improvement and in-the-moment feedback about our performance.” ~ Lt. Jason Day, UC Riverside Police Department


“An excellent product that greatly enhances our ability to audit our services and make improvements in public service.” ~ Lt. Flippo, UC Santa Cruz Police Department


The agencies cover a diverse population from the Bay area to the Los Angeles metro area, including global industry-leading businesses, international events, and popular tourist attractions. They must accommodate multiple languages, geographies, and requests to serve the community the way they want to be served. Leveraging best-in-class Versaterm technology enables agencies to offer an efficient and effective experience to the public through enhanced communication and feedback options. 


The solution is designed to help enhance communications between agencies and their communities while reducing administrative calls. Moreover, SPIDR Tech’s mobile-friendly surveys enable agencies to gather valuable feedback for analysis to drive operational improvements and demonstrate their commitment to service excellence. This exceptional care can translate into goodwill with the community. 


“Communities today have come to expect a higher standard of transparency, communication, and service from organizations they engage with, including public safety agencies,” said Rohan Galloway-Dawkins, Chief Product Officer, Versaterm. “We are proud to support these innovative agencies as they reimagine the future of community interactions through the power of automation, data, and analytics.” 

Learn more about this innovative solution on our community engagement page.


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