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Versaterm CAD and Komand911 Ready for the EIDO Standard

Versaterm CAD and Komutel call handling solution supports EIDO (Emergency Incident Data Object) interoperability. This is in continuation to our tests at NENA's ICE-11 Event showing that Versaterm CAD meets the benchmarks and is prepared to retrieve, process, manage and store NG9-1-1 data through EIDO. 

Why EIDO?  

  • EIDO standard allows PSAPs and ECC to exchange incident information in a standard recognized format that allows interoperability between systems from different vendors, resulting in better sharing of information to provide first responders with improved situational awareness.   

  • Eliminate missing incident information due to system data incompatibilities  


NENA's EIDO (Emergency Incident Data Object) standard is a recognized format that facilitates the exchange of incident information between call handling to computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems, CAD-to-CAD, CAD-to-field responders, as well as other entities involved in emergency response (NENA). This standardization results in interoperability between systems from different vendors, thereby improving information sharing and providing first responders with enhanced situational awareness.  


Supporting NG9-1-1 Migrations  

At Versaterm, we are committed to designing dispatch and emergency call handling solutions that fulfill the needs of tomorrow’s PSAPs and ECCs today. This dedication starts with ensuring these solutions are NG9-1-1-ready, such as by undergoing testing at industry events. Results from our tests at NENA's ICE-11 Event show that Versaterm CAD meets these benchmarks and is prepared to retrieve, process, manage and store NG9-1-1 data through EIDO. Combined with the interoperability between Komand911 and our CAD or third-party CAD systems, Versaterm can equip agencies for the future of emergency communication and response.  


NG9-1-1 and the EIDO standard continue to evolve as legacy 9-1-1 infrastructures phase out. With communications technology continuing to evolve, PSAPs and ECCs must upgrade their emergency response systems to leverage these advancements for improving emergency call handling. Versaterm CAD and Komand911 solutions help agencies harness the potential of EIDO as more emergency incident data becomes available. These standardized data exchanges help to promote better coordination, shared situational awareness and smoother workflows during complex incidents.   


Versaterm continues to lead the effort in supporting the EIDO standardized format for incident information exchange contributes significantly to the effectiveness and efficiency of emergency response systems for PSAPs and ECCs across North America, having both dispatch and call handling solutions ready for EIDO interoperability in Canadian agencies.  


To learn more about our mission and the NG9-1-1 capabilities of our CAD and Komand911 solutions, meet with an expert today.  


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