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Versaterm's IT Staff in the Spotlight!

Providing excellent support to our customers is our number one priority. We’re proud of our customer support reputation and the trusting partnerships we have developed in the public safety industry over the last four decades. Making sure we can keep that commitment to our customers requires that we have internal and dependable systems to carry out our day-to-day duties.

Versaterm’s IT department ensures that TeamVersaterm has everything we need to do our jobs, and in turn, that allows us to serve our customers in the best way possible.

Special thanks and appreciation to Mike Elliott, Derek Randall, and David Ballantyne our own IT department.

Behind the scenes, our team works tirelessly to keep our systems current and secure. Our offices are located in Ottawa and Scottsdale, with many staff members scattered throughout Canada and the US. Especially throughout this COVID pandemic, our IT team has been extremely reliable.

Our IT team members impact and facilitate our work in so many ways, from the hardware, software, and networks we depend on to the communication systems we use to provide around-the-clock 7x24 customer support, including essential support for our Versaterm vCloud solution. Their duties are endless, and they truly are the technical backbone of Versaterm’s success!

From everyone at Versaterm Public Safety, we thank our IT staff for all they do to make us shine! Thanks to Derek, Mike, and Dave.


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