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Integrated Mapping

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Public safety agencies are increasingly relying on geo-mapped data to improve their delivery of service to their communities. Data mapping has become an integral tool for Police and Fire/EMS agencies, enabling the ability to recognize current trends and forecast future patterns. For many agencies, when fluid and rapidly evolving situations evolve, mapping can be significantly delayed because specialized staff is typically required to complete the task. It can be a challenging process requiring multiple steps, technical skills, and various software applications.

In Versaterm’s Computer-Aided Dispatch and Records Management System, our solutions come with user-friendly and integrated mapping functions, powered by Esri. This innovative partnership bridges the gap between data and maps visualization. Non-tech-savvy staff, both sworn and civilian, will find the mapping tool natural and simple to use. Users can access their data without needing to code, label, extract, and format data.

Versaterm’s integrated mapping system is used throughout the system. RMS users define which type of query they wish to launch. A simple search of an address displays the event and surrounding neighbourhood. Crime Dashboard queries can display side-by-side comparisons. It is used with these functions:

· View address

· Browse

· Search Nearby

· Crime Dashboard

Data can be pulled from a combination of CAD calls, General Offense Reports, Field Interviews, Tickets, and other types of reports. Users can set search criteria for multiple types of reports or offense types.

Nature-specific icons are overlaid on the map to show where reported incidents appear. The map is interactive, allowing you to click on any of the icons, view a summary of the call or the case, and, if required, see the entire report. Additionally, Versaterm’s Crime Dashboard allows the ability to toggle between data sets returned in the search (Initial, Comparison, or Both).

Versaterm Public Safey and Esri ArcGIS Online are proud to deliver integrated maps to public safety agencies across North America.

It's simple... pick, click, and instantly see data appear on maps. The power of visualization brings meaning to data, instantly, using Versaterm's CAD and RMS integrated mapping.


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