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Versaterm Acquires Visual Labs
Versaterm Acquires Smartphone Body and Dash Camera Software Provider Visual Labs, Inc.

The company aims to enhance its public safety solutions portfolio with field-ready mobile technology, real-time situational awareness and cloud-based digital evidence management

OTTAWA, Ontario – Jan. 19, 2023 – Versaterm Public Safety, a global public safety solutions company, announced today its acquisition of smartphone body and dash camera software provider Visual Labs, Inc. The acquisition builds upon Versaterm’s public safety solution ecosystem with field-ready mobile software and a Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) compliant cloud-based Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) that reinforces its commitment to helping agencies better serve their communities.

Visual Labs software transforms an officer’s department-issued Android smartphone into a body-worn camera with real-time video and audio streaming capabilities. The company also offers a smartphone-based dash camera and interview room camera solution. The expanded offerings enable agency supervisors and dispatchers based in the command center to remotely access the officer’s live video feed and GPS location for greater communication, coordination and situational awareness during an incident. In addition to managing effective response, this functionality is critical to ensuring officer safety if the command center cannot establish communication with an officer in the field.

Moments after an incident, all video, audio and photos captured from the incident are automatically uploaded to the cloud through a secure connection to the Visual Labs DEMS. Authorized personnel, such as investigators, can quickly find and tag the stored footage with relevant metadata, including case numbers and location information. The software also makes it easy to redact the recordings, blur faces or objects, or mute audio before requested footage is released into the public record. Simultaneous playback of multiple recordings and advanced location-based analytics, including heatmaps of officer coverage, provide an accurate account of events for investigators or detectives when reviewing or presenting case evidence.

“Visual Labs’ innovative software harnesses the connectivity, computational power and advanced camera quality of today’s smartphones to aid in incident response and evidence collection. It offers public safety agencies a cost-effective option where a single smartphone can replace stand-alone body-worn cameras, digital cameras and audio recorders for field officers,” said Warren Loomis, President & CEO, Versaterm. “The integration of Visual Labs, including the DEMS, adds a whole new element to our product ecosystem and reinforces our end-to-end public safety strategy.” 

Visual Labs’ smartphone body, dash and interview room camera software complement the field response and reporting solutions within Versaterm’s public safety ecosystem, including the StreetSmart™ real-time, intelligence-sharing platform and Adashi first responder software. The cloud-based storage solution introduces new digital evidence management capabilities alongside Versaterm’s current robust Records Management System (RMS). Following the acquisition, the existing team at Visual Labs will remain with the company and continue to operate the business.

About Versaterm Public Safety

For more than 40 years, Versaterm Public Safety has defined the future of public safety software, delivering success to agencies, large and small, with an end-to-end ecosystem of solutions from community engagement to case closure. A Banneker Partners portfolio company, Versaterm’s dedication to public safety is demonstrated by an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, the development of innovative software solutions powered by advanced technologies, and a team dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those sworn to serve. For more information, visit versaterm.comLinkedIn, or Twitter.

About Visual Labs

Visual Labs, Inc. is a Menlo Park, California-based software company that has developed software for AndroidTMsmartphones and a web-based evidence management platform to provide Criminal Justice Information Services compliant body, dash and interview room camera solutions. The Visual Labs solutions are used by law enforcement, private security and other customers all across the United States and internationally. For more information, visit

Visua Labs
Versaterm Public Safety Acquires Leader in Data Integration and Case Management, FivePoint Solutions, to Expand Ecosystem Capabilities

Data integration capabilities enable courts, public safety agencies and professionals to increase operational efficiency and accuracy, improve transparency, and foster safer communities

Ottawa, Ontario, Oct. 12, 2022 -- Versaterm Public Safety, a global public safety solutions company, announced today the acquisition of FivePoint Solutions, a data integration solutions company for the judicial and public safety space, to strengthen its public safety ecosystem with comprehensive data exchange capabilities that provide anytime, anywhere access to accurate, up-to-date information, enabling smarter insights, decisions, and actions.

The rapidly shifting public safety landscape means agencies and professionals must generate exponential value from new strategies and tools they employ. Versaterm’s selective acquisitions address these challenges by expanding the unparalleled data accuracy and availability of its Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Records Management System (RMS) and building an ecosystem that offers greater levels of interoperability.

“The expansion reflects our planned acquisition and organic growth strategy, focused on a longstanding commitment to empowering public safety agencies and courts to work more efficiently and effectively,” said Warren Loomis, President, and CEO of Versaterm Public Safety. “FivePoint Solutions brings an essential component of data integration to our ecosystem. We are excited to welcome the team to the Versaterm Public Safety family.”

Founded in 2009 with headquarters in Lexington, S.C., FivePoint’s leadership team and employees will expand the technical capacity and next-level information sharing of Versaterm Public Safety. Its data integration capabilities with local, state, and national criminal justice data sources simplify database searches for fast and accurate data access that adheres to national standards:

  • FocalPoint - offering a real-time integration of disparate data through federated queries and consolidated returns

  • StreetSmart™- providing a real-time, intelligence-sharing platform and communications solution for law enforcement agencies to improve situational awareness, decision-making, officer safety, and crime reduction.  

  • CaseWorX - streamlining court system workflows and providing comprehensive case management for probation, pretrial, and drug courts to achieve more just outcomes

  • CaseWorX for Schools - offering school districts and law enforcement early intervention opportunities through proactive monitoring and threat assessments

“We have spent the last 13 years evolving our judicial and public safety services and solutions for simplified access to accurate information to enable efficient operations, officer and community safety, and just outcomes. Now, we look forward to bringing our expertise to Versaterm Public Safety,” said Ro Lucas, CEO of FivePoint Solutions.

FivePoint Solutions is the latest acquisition for Versaterm Public Safety. Berenson & Company served as the exclusive financial advisor to FivePoint Solutions. The addition is part of a broader strategy designed to integrate best-in-class technology that supports public safety work from community engagement to case closure. It will enhance Versaterm’s ability to provide more value as an industry-leading provider of an end-to-end public safety ecosystem of solutions.

About Versaterm Public Safety:

For more than 40 years, Versaterm Public Safety has defined the future of public safety software, delivering success to agencies, large and small, with an end-to-end ecosystem of solutions from community engagement to case closure. A Banneker Partners portfolio company, Versaterm’s dedication to public safety is demonstrated by an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, the development of innovative software solutions powered by advanced technologies, and a team dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those sworn to serve. For more information, visit

About FivePoint Solutions:

Founded in 2009 in South Carolina. FivePoint Solutions has grown to become an industry leader in innovative State and Local software solutions. Since its inception, FivePoints has designed its products with an emphasis on integration and automation with a common goal of making critical data easily accessible for improved decision-making. For more information, visit

Gilbert PD
Gilbert Police goes live with vCAD & vRMS

July 13, 2022

Congratulations to Gilbert Arizona Police on recently going live with Versaterm Computer Aided Dispatch system (CAD) and Records Management System (RMS). Gilbert’s residents will now benefit from Versaterm’s intuitive cloud-based public safety software platform, providing enhanced security and 24 x 7 Police emergency response capabilities. Gilbert’s Police dispatchers, including all administration, training and Command Vehicle posts can now utilize this high-availability CAD providing front line officers with a secure platform using advanced encryption for quick-access to mission-critical data including continuously-updated situational awareness information.

The Gilbert Police Department includes 469 members and now joins agencies throughout the U.S. and Canada who leverage Versaterm’s industry-leading SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution supported by the reliability of AWS (Amazon Web Services) 

architecture along with continuous product enhancements delivered by the company’s agile software advanced platform. 

We thank the Gilbert Police Department and the Town of Gilbert for being great partners throughout this rollout, reinforcing Gilbert's commitment to improving the lives of its residents through digital tools and information to solve problems, predict outcomes, and innovate to become a City of the Future.

Gilbert PD
Bucks County 911
Bucks County 911 goes live! 

November 18, 2021

Congratulations to Bucks County 911 on recently going live with Versaterm's Computer Aided Dispatch system (vCAD) for Police, Fire & Emergency Medical Services. Bucks County dispatchers can now benefit from Versaterm’s intuitive CAD system providing front-line officers with quick access to critical data, including continuously updated situational awareness information. Together, vCAD and Versaterm's mobile software (vMDT and vMobile) deliver a purpose-built and comprehensive set of tools to support the safety and effectiveness of all first responders in the field. 

Established in 1963, Bucks County 911 Pennsylvania now supports more than 130 independent agencies, together responding to more than 600,000 calls for services each year, including 40 individual law enforcement entities, 60 volunteer and combination fire departments and 17 emergency medical services, as well as a number of County-based and State-based agencies. The county 

operates  approximately 100 CAD positions which includes the Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP), administration and training positions, backup CAD positions, and Command Vehicle posts. 


We thank Todd Neumann, John Geib, and all their team members who worked diligently to support the software rollout and training across the County while navigating the unprecedented restrictions and challenges associated with the pandemic.

Your dedication and professionalism made this project a huge success!  
Welcome to the Versaterm user community, Bucks 911! 

Komutel Acquisition-01.png
Versaterm acquires Komutel, leading next-gen 9-1-1 software developer 

November 17, 2021

Versaterm Public Safety has acquired Komutel (, a leading provider of highly innovative emergency services telecommunications and interoperability solutions for NextGen 9-1-1. In addition to a fully compliant NG9-1-1 call handling solution, Komutel is a leading provider of multimedia and voice logging recorders as well as middleware for the transition from legacy 9-1-1 to NG9-1-1. 

Since its launch in 2001, Komutel’s communications software has emerged as a solution of choice among 9-1-1 call takers in Canada, serving some of the largest agencies in the country. Komutel will soon be doing the same in the United States and offer a wide range of breakthrough software tools designed to address real-world response limitations of analog 9-1-1 calls and enable emergency services professionals to overcome this “digital divide.” 

“With this acquisition, Versaterm’s support-centric approach now extends into the 9-1-1 side of the emergency services communications center where Komutel has set the industry standard for software solutions,” said Warren Loomis, Versaterm CEO. 

Together with Komutel, Versaterm will now extend its world-class customer service into the 9-1-1 side of the emergency communications center while the Versaterm R&D roadmap designs a deep integration of Komutel’s 9-1-1 call handling tools with Versaterm vCAD empowering a seamless call-for-service-to-dispatch experience. In addition, Versaterm’s customers will be able to fully leverage Komutel’s experience deploying purpose-built, end-to-end middleware solutions to effectively navigate into the NG9-1-1 era.  

Komutel is Versaterm’s sixth acquisition since 2020 (joining JusticeTrax, SPIDR Tech, Adashi Systems, eJust Systems and TechVoice) and shares a key, common trait with all of our additions: delivery of a proven technology solution that uniquely addresses the real-world challenges of emergency service professionals.

Gresham Police Onboard
Gresham Police Department completes transition to Versaterm’s vCloud 

Records Management System and Field Reporting Software Now Live


November 11, 2021

Gresham Police Department, serving the City of Gresham, Oregon, the state’s fourth-largest city and the second-largest city in Portland metro area, has successfully transitioned to Versaterm Public Safety’s cloud-based Records Management System. Now Gresham can make full use of Versaterm’s RMS and field reporting software, including an integrated motor vehicle accident data collection solution.

We thank Sgt. Brandon Gentry and Tristan Whitehead for their outstanding effort to support the Versaterm team throughout the implementation of this advanced software platform.

Versaterm’s advanced platform provides customers with a true SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution, combining industry-leading products and customer service, data security, and protection using the most modern encryption available while incorporating integrated disaster recovery capabilities.


To maintain high availability in the years ahead, Versaterm’s platform protects data in transit and at rest while conforming to the latest security standards while ensuring access is controlled by the agency through local security protocols and advanced CJIS-compliant authentication. In addition, Versaterm is the only public safety solution provider to offer this advanced and protected security framework housed within the industry-leading AWS GovCloud.

Going forward, the Gresham Police Department RMS will continue to be enhanced through ongoing product updates delivered seamlessly through the agile Versaterm vCloud platform.

Team Versaterm is proud to serve the Gresham Police Department. Welcome them to the Versaterm vCloud!

Gresham PD
LaSalle Police launches Versaterm’s RMS joining Windsor’s crime reporting solution

October 28, 2021

The LaSalle Police Service has recently launched the Versaterm Records Management System (vRMS) in a multi-jurisdictional environment with the Windsor Police Service. The successful onboarding also included the rollout of the Versaterm Mobile Report Entry (vMRE) solution to officers in the field, enabling efficient crime incident reporting. The successful onboarding of the vRMS in a multi-jurisdictional environment follows LaSalle’s recent deployment of the Versaterm Computer Aided Dispatch (vCAD) and Mobile Data Terminal (vMDT) earlier this year.

Similar to the many agencies utilizing Versaterm’s integrated multi-jurisdictional capability, LaSalle and Windsor’s shared database provides both agencies with immediate access to crime incident data, allowing for efficient and coordinated responses, as criminal activity 

moves from one jurisdiction to another, all while maintaining secure access and data entry capabilities within their own geographic borders.


Congratulations to the LaSalle Police Service and the Windsor Police service as they embark on this exciting new partnership with Versaterm Public Safety! 

LaSalle Police
Versaterm now a RapidSOS Partner Network Member

September 10, 2021


Versaterm is pleased to announce our full integration with the RapidSOS emergency response data platform as a RapidSOS Partner Network member. While the traditional emergency response system relied on the limitations of a phone call, the RapidSOS Platform securely links life-saving data from over 350 million connected devices to first responders in emergencies.

With this integration, valuable emergency data including  the location of the caller, health and medical information, connected building and alarm data, and more will be accessible from vCAD to support the CAD call. 


Full integration with vCAD provides our customer agencies the benefit of a variety of device-based location data sent through RapidSOS from its data partners which is accessible in MapViewer

and the integrated map. Locations are plotted on the map displaying both location information and the chronological order in which the locations were received.

RapidSOS is the trusted emergency response data platform for 911 telecommunicators and first responders. It’s used in 5,000+ Emergency Communication Centers , covering over 94 percent of the U.S. population. Over 12,000 first responders have been  trained on RapidSOS public safety technology. This integration ensures our agencies can take maximum advantage of this valuable resource.


See for more information and contact your Versaterm Account Manager to learn more about integrating your vCAD with RapidSOS.

About RapidSOS
In partnership with public safety, RapidSOS has created the world's first emergency response data platform that securely links life-saving data from 350M+ connected devices to emergency services and first responders. Through the platform, RapidSOS provides intelligent data that supports over 5,000 Emergency Communications Centers worldwide, across 150 million emergencies in 2020. Together with innovative companies recognized as RapidSOS Ready, RapidSOS is supporting first responders in saving millions of lives annually.

Versaterm Public Safety delivers emergency resources to any location with what3words

August 10, 2021


Emergencies can happen anywhere, from an incident at a remote hiking spot to an accident on the side of a highway. Identifying precisely where help is needed can be nearly impossible if you’re in a location with no address, or if an address covers a large area.

The Versaterm CAD now supports what3words, a technology which has divided the world into 3 metre squares and given each square a unique identifier made of three random words: a what3words address. For example, ///conclude.pulp.measure is the exact entrance for Versaterm’s Head Office in Ottawa. Versaterm’s integration with what3words gives public safety agencies the ability to quickly deliver the necessary emergency help and resources to a caller's exact location.

In an emergency, callers can simply recite the three words to the call taker who will be able to verify their location and enter the what3words address directly into the Versaterm CAD. Additionally, what3words addresses can be entered into the search bar of the Versaterm MapViewer software and its integrated map. what3words is also displayed in the Location Info area, and at the bottom of the MapViewer screen. First responders can then navigate to exactly where help is needed.



Whether a caller is on a mountain, in an unmarked field, or on a dark city street, the Versaterm CAD and what3words give you the ability to save both valuable time and lives, delivering services and the proper resources to any place, any spot, anywhere!

About what3words

what3words addresses cover the entire world and can be used in over 40 languages. what3words is used by all emergency services in Australia, over 85% of emergency control rooms in the UK, and a growing number of forces in the US, Canada, South Africa, India and Western Europe. It is also used by location-based services (private, government, and commercial) across the globe. Addresses by what3words are easy to say & share, and they are as accurate as GPS coordinates. The system also works offline, making it ideal for use in remote areas with an unreliable data connection.


When callers struggle to describe their location, what3words helps them say exactly where they are, saving precious time. Members of the public can find their what3words address on the free app or through a FindMe link sent via SMS by call handler teams.


For more information on what3words, please reach out to a member of their partnership team. Gregoire ( will be able to help with questions from Canadian Emergency Services and Ashley ( will be able to help those in the US.

Click here to see what3words in action. 

SPIDR Tech Acquisition-01.png
Versaterm Public Safety Acquires

July 27, 2021


Versaterm Public Safety is excited to announce the acquisition of SPIDR Tech, the automated customer service software suite providing direct text messages, emails, and mobile-friendly surveys between law enforcement and community members.  


Versaterm’s customers and the communities they serve will benefit tremendously from SPIDR Tech’s automated communications platform,” said Warren Loomis, CEO, Versaterm. “Offering direct messaging and follow-up surveys for enhanced community engagement and interaction is ground-breaking, and certainly SPIDR Tech has perfected it. We are excited to extend our public safety ecosystem with SPIDR Tech to better serve citizens and the larger community.” 

Developed by police officers committed to strengthening the trust of community members, SPIDR Tech gives law enforcement agencies the ability to provide automated customer service - similar to leading companies in the private sector - by sending text messages and emails directly to 911-callers and crime victims, keeping them updated on the status of their calls and cases, along with mobile-friendly surveys to community members who interact with agency employees, providing critical data agencies can use to make more informed decisions at the operational level. 


“We founded SPIDR Tech after serving as police officers and recognizing the growing need and opportunity to leverage digital communications to strengthen our relationship with citizens during emergency situations,” said Rahul Sidhu, CEO, SPIDR Tech. “Becoming part of the Versaterm family will further accelerate the adoption of our software solution that has proven to be a critical tool for Police to keep community members informed from the moment they call 9-1-1. And while we look forward to becoming more deeply integrated with the Versaterm CAD and RMS products, we will also continue to operate independently so any agency, with any CAD and RMS, can utilize SPIDR Tech.” 

Police leaders in cities across North America praise the community response following the introduction of SPIDR Tech: 


  • “SPIDR Tech is a game-changing company that took a fresh look at policing and really moved the needle forward on efficiency and customer service.” – Keith Kauffman, Chief of Police, Redondo Beach, CA Police Department 


  • "There's no doubt that officers want to do things that they are patted on the back for. The more we reinforce good behavior, the more they will go out and have positive interactions with the community. That is what we get with SPIDR Tech." - Eric Kazmierczak, Deputy Chief of Police, Tucson, AZ Police Department 


  • “We now have a tool to show quantitative proof of our performance as measured by the community we serve over extended periods of time.” - Ken Myers, Deputy Chief of Police Allen, PA Police Department 


Versaterm, a Banneker Partners portfolio company, continues to expand its portfolio of strategic acquisitions and enhancements to its industry-leading public safety software platform for Police, Fire and EMS professionals. SPIDR Tech joins Adashi Systems, eJust Systems and TechVoice as the latest innovative software solution to become part of Versaterm’s enterprise-wide platform designed to deliver the technology public safety professionals need to effectively and efficiently serve their communities.   




In 2016, SPIDR Tech launched the world’s first automated customer service software solution for public safety agencies. Since then, the company has served over 50 different public safety agencies across North America. SPIDR Tech’s software solution enables public safety agencies to provide automated customer service - similar to the private sector’s leading consumer companies - by sending text messages and emails directly to 911-callers and crime victims, keeping them updated on the status of their calls and cases, along with mobile-friendly surveys to community members who interact with agency employees, providing critical data agencies can use to make more informed decisions at the operational level. 




Chance Patterson 202.262.5213 

eJust Systems-01.png
Versaterm Public Safety Acquires
eJust Systems!

July 14, 2021


Versaterm Public Safety is excited to announce the acquisition of eJust Systems, a leading provider of Charge Management Systems (CMS) solutions between law enforcement and the court system. 

“Versaterm and eJust share a well-established history of leveraging innovative technology to support the effectiveness of thousands of Police officers” 

This transaction is our second in a series of strategic acquisitions as our company continues to expand the functionality, depth and utility of our software suite for Police, Fire and EMS customers.  Our first acquisition was Baltimore-based Adashi Systems, a leading provider of software for first responders, announced on June 13, 2021. 

We expect to acquire other industry-leading solution providers in the months to come, ensuring our public safety platform remains at the forefront of innovation for those sworn to serve, given today’s increasingly complex operational demands and reporting requirements.  

“Versaterm and eJust share a well-established history of leveraging innovative technology to support the effectiveness of thousands of Police officers,” per Warren Loomis, CEO, Versaterm. “This acquisition represents an important opportunity to ensure our Police customers can utilize best-in-class software to streamline the cruiser-to-court collection and packaging of documentation required for prosecution.” 

With over one million charges processed using its CMS platform since 1994, eJust’s solution manages the investigative content sourced by the Police Records Management System, transforms that content from an Investigative perspective to a Prosecutorial perspective and manages its disclosure, electronically, to prosecutors. 

“eJust has achieved success through enabling its Police customers to efficiently and accurately transform the unique case-specific incident content and manage the disclosure required for thousands of prosecutions,” per Anne McDougall, President, eJust Systems. “Becoming part of the Versaterm family represents a milestone 20 years in the making. We look forward to rapidly expanding the reach of eJust to more Police customers in the future.” 


eJust Systems is an industry leading provider of sophisticated software solutions for the justice market. Its state-of-the-art, rules-based Case Management System efficiently, securely and cost-effectively delivers precise case and charge information from the police through to the prosecution and court system. This electronic exchange and transformation functionality is the first of its kind in the world. In fact, over 1,000,000 charges have been successfully processed using eJust’s Charge Management System since its inception over two decades ago. 

Queen Creek_Thumbnail-01.png
Welcome Queen Creek PD to the Versaterm cloud!

July 8, 2021


Versaterm Public Safety is proud to announce that the Queen Creek Police Department will be onboarding the Versaterm vCloud solution! Queen Creek PD is a brand-new municipal law enforcement agency with approximately 71 employees. They plan to be on our cloud-based RMS and to deploy all of our mobile solutions (vMDT, vMobile, and vMRE) to their officers by Q1 2022.

By implementing their systems on the Versaterm vCloud, Queen Creek will enjoy frequent product enhancements delivered by Versaterm’s agile development and quick deployment on our modern and advanced platform.

The Town of Queen Creek, Arizona was incorporated in 1989 and 

was founded on a deep-rooted history in agriculture. The town’s population has boomed since becoming incorporated and this is projected to continue over the next decade. In March 2020, town council approved establishing their own municipal police department.


We look forward to working with Queen Creek and Chief Randy Brice who was sworn in as the first Chief of Police in December as they embark on this exciting new chapter in the town’s history!

1. -01.png
Welcome Gilbert PD to the Versaterm vCloud!

June 17, 2021


Versaterm Public Safety is proud to welcome the Gilbert Police Department to the Versaterm cloud! With 288 sworn officers and 129 civilian employees, the Gilbert PD receives nearly 65,000 calls for service every year.


Their Versaterm project kicked off in February and includes the implementation of Versaterm’s full suite of products: CAD, RMS and mobile software (vMDT, vMobile & vMRE). Both CAD and RMS are scheduled to go-live in early 2022.


By implementing their systems on the Versaterm vCloud, Gilbert will enjoy frequent product enhancements delivered by Versaterm’s agile development and quick deployment on this most modern and advanced platform.

The Town of Gilbert is the sixth-largest municipality in Arizona. Once known as the "Hay Shipping Capital of the World", the town has transformed from an agricultural community to a thriving and economically diverse suburban community. During the last three decades, Gilbert has seen tremendous growth, increasing in population to well over 250,000. Many recent accolades, including being named the 2nd Safest City and the 22nd Best Place to Live in the country, explain why so many want to live and do business in Gilbert.


Welcome once again to Gilbert PD! This is the start of an exciting new partnership and represents our 7th client from the state of Arizona! We look forward to sharing in your long-term success!

Announcing Versaterm and Adashi

June 14, 2021


Versaterm Public Safety has acquired Adashi Systems LLC (, a leading provider of Critical Incident and Command (C&C), Scheduling and Alerting software to more than 1,500 Fire and Police customers worldwide.   


Adashi will most certainly augment Versaterm’s public safety platform with its innovative solutions for Fire and Police that will plug into the Versaterm CAD and leverage advanced mobility while increasing safety and streamlining the tactical command of any major incident

At the core, integration between the Versaterm CAD / Mobile and the Adashi Critical Incident & Command software will deliver greater tactical awareness and management for Versaterm’s ever-growing Police and Fire customers. Today, C&C is being used by Fire Departments worldwide to manage large-scale fires, including the recent wildfires in Australia.

Although C&C solutions may have been initially developed for Fire to electronically manage fires, including tracking units, locations, organization, and monitoring the firefighters, its popularity has morphed into a valuable tool for Police. The ability to draw on the map and quickly disseminate the information across the incident and even throughout the department is extremely powerful in managing protests, SWAT calls, and other major events. At the same time, the generation of the necessary federal ICS forms streamlines the after-action reporting requirements. Today one of the largest police departments in the US leverages Adashi, integrated with a Versaterm CAD!


At Versaterm, we see the value of such a tool for not only our Fire customers, but Police as well. Having a completely integrated Versaterm solution will provide advancements unachievable via 3rd party products.

The requirements to manage and provide consistent reporting of the incident for analysis is an ever-growing requirement. Adashi, leveraging all the data within CAD, delivers.

Adashi solutions such as RollCall, Alert, and their purpose-built Fire MDT also become part of the Versaterm brand, streamlining agency operations. Some great videos can be found here.

Adashi is yet another step in Versaterm’s quest to develop and/or acquire avant-garde software that will benefit the community, enhance first responder safety and streamline operations.  Following on the heels of TechVoice and the very popular CaseService solution, Versaterm is “moving the yardsticks down the field” in terms of advancing public safety software.

Although Adashi solutions will continue to be sold independently (around the world), the integration with the Versaterm CAD will advance, making it a very comprehensive solution to the users of the combined Versaterm CAD/Adashi solution set.

Adashi software will be introduced at the upcoming Versaterm Re:Invent User Workshop in Tampa, FL (October 4-7, 2021).  

We expect the Adashi solution to be on full display during the showcase event and in breakout sessions.

Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office now in Versaterm’s vCloud! 

February 23, 2021


Versaterm Public Safety is pleased to announce that the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office in Oregon is now live on the Versaterm vCloud, running our latest Records Management System and field reporting software, including our integrated motor vehicle accident data collection solution.  

Leveraging the proven AWS (Amazon Web Services) architecture, Versaterm provides our customers with a true SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution, resulting in overall cost savings while ensuring all data is protected using the most modern encryption available, with high availability and disaster recovery integrated right into our solution. 

Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office now enjoys frequent product enhancements delivered by Versaterm’s agile development and quick deployment ​on the most modern and advanced platform.

Our customers’ data remains protected in-transit and at rest, conforming to the latest security standards while ensuring access is controlled by the agency through local security protocols and advanced authentication mechanisms – truly CJIS compliant. With the entire stack housed within AWS GovCloud, Versaterm is the only public safety solution provider to offer this advanced and protected security framework.  

Multnomah County is home to over 800,000 residents, making it the most populous of Oregon’s 36 counties.  Team Versaterm congratulates the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office and welcomes them to the cloud.

Best Wishes on your Retirement,
Mike Dwyer!

January 28, 2021


#TeamVesaterm bids a fond farewell to Mike Dwyer, retiring at the end of the year! Working primarily with our Canadian RMS product team, Mike had the opportunity to connect with every one of our Canadian police agencies and was mostly responsible for CPIC and Power case-related support issues during his 13 years at Versaterm (not to mention being a great Santa at the office Christmas party!). Chances are, you spoke with Mike at some point with a support question and appreciated his easy-going manner and professionalism.

While Mike says, he will miss the camaraderie and teamwork that makesVersaterm a great place to work, Mike and his wife (Wendy)have plenty of plans to keep them busy. First and foremost, spoiling their almost 2-year-old grandson and getting ready for a granddaughter due this Spring! Lots of travel is in their future, and they plan to get out for a

few tours on their Honda Gold Wing! And if that’s not enough, golf, cycling, playing the sax, and photography are all hobbies that Mike will have plenty of time to enjoy.


Thank you very much, Mike, for your contributions and commitment to #TeamVersaterm Best of luck in your well-deserved retirement!

Happy Retirement Kris Skorko!

January 22, 2021


After 28 years dedicated to #TeamVersaterm, we bid Kris Skorko farewell and congratulate him on his retirement this past December 2020.

Kris began his career with Versaterm in 1992, right after completing his studies in software development. Over the years, Kris had the opportunity to work with many Canadian and US police agencies providing customer support and contributing to numerous CAD and RMS upgrades and implementation projects.

Kris shares that he was so fortunate to work with such a great team. Versaterm was the right fit for him and his family; “a small company, in a beautiful city, and wonderful country.” Kris found working with his co-workers and customers the most rewarding time with the company.

What awaits Kris in retirement? Travel and travel! He and his wife (Joanna) have just returned from a trip to Costa Rica and plan to

continue exploring. 


Kris also has a passion for his family genealogy (originally from the Baltic Sea area, from Latvia to Poland). Kris will also be modernizing his music collection with the digitization of tunes!

#TeamVersaterm thanks Kris for his dedication and service throughout his career at Versaterm. Happy retirement and safe travels!

Banneker Invests in Versaterm!

December 14, 2020


Versaterm is excited to announce that Banneker Partners LLC (, a very selective enterprise software-focused investment firm, has invested in Versaterm and, as a result, we are now Versaterm Public Safety. This brings an unparalleled opportunity for Versaterm and our customers as we leverage Banneker’s expertise.

Our customers have come to appreciate Versaterm's proven track record of delivering high-quality software solutions and our proven customer support. It was evident to Banneker that Versaterm delivers value to our customers on so many levels, and they believe they can augment that, making for an even better customer experience. Our customers will now have a much stronger Versaterm, where we 

expect to introduce new products and services at a faster pace. 

As the name suggests, our focus will be public safety while Banneker will be assisting us in smart and strategic growth so that we continue to deliver our industry-leading mission-critical solutions to the Police, Fire and EMS agencies across North America.  While Versaterm grows with Banneker to deliver more value to our customers, our customers can rest assured that many aspects of Versaterm's operations and core values will remain unchanged …


Warren Loomis (Versaterm President and CEO) along with the entire leadership team will remain at the helm while fully committed to Versaterm’s success. 


Versaterm will always strive to under-promise and over-deliver. There is no change to our customer support level that has made us what we are today.


Versaterm will not only be delivering our proven Public Safety solutions but also enhancing our offerings with even more services and advanced products.


#TeamVersaterm remains very strongly committed to our customers. All of our employees have a future at Versaterm and the relationships that our customers have nurtured with Versaterm friends will continue.


With the evolution of Versaterm's integrated public safety systems, we will remain an Ottawa-based company with US operations out of Scottsdale (with remote employees strategically located).

Strategic & Smart Growth  

Banneker’s investment in Versaterm is about delivering more value to our customers. Banneker’s involvement will focus on helping Versaterm grow without losing sight of our core principles that have contributed to our success all these years. Versaterm remains independent, under a Banneker flag, as a primary company.

Versaterm is privileged to have an amazing opportunity to work closely with Banneker to help us expand our public safety platform and to bring new solutions to the market.  Our focus will be on continued 
product innovation, building stronger customer relationships, and increasing our presence within the public safety community. Versaterm looks forward to the experience and expertise that Banneker brings to further enhance our principles and reputation.

Tech Voice_2-01.png
Versaterm Announces the Acquisition of TechVoice.

February 26, 2021


Versaterm, a leading provider of public safety and law enforcement software solutions, is pleased to announce the just-completed acquisition of TechVoice, Inc., a privately held company that specializes in providing conversational engagement technologies to the public safety sector.

“Our goal is to integrate TechVoice’s ground-breaking work in the areas on automated citizen engagement and voice recognition/AI with our entire suite of products,” says Warren Loomis, Versaterm’s CEO.  “This will open an entirely new dimension of functionality that will streamline public safety operations, and at the same time, enable agencies to improve citizen service levels.  Not only will Versaterm be able to offer a fully integrated and easy to use citizen reporting module, we will also be able to incorporate other services that were not possible before.  

For example, a caller to a police communication center who does not require an immediate response by an officer can quickly be directed into an intelligent system where they can engage via web, mobile app, text messaging, and even through voice.  


The core technology that makes this possible will become an integral part of all our systems.  This is just the latest example of Versaterm’s continual product evolution, providing additional benefits to our customers by keeping our systems modern, reliable, and evergreen”.

As part of this transaction, the founders of TechVoice (formerly called, “Ten8Tech”), will be joining Versaterm as full-time employees. The President and CEO of TechVoice, Anthony Formhals, and Eric Geerdes (Co-founder, COO) both combine law enforcement backgrounds with deep technology experience.  Mr. Formhals said, “Over the last eight years, Ten8Tech has successfully provided Case Service as a better way for police agencies to serve citizens who need help in non-emergency situations. Joining with Versaterm creates an opportunity to bring our technology into a much broader spectrum of citizen engagement, benefiting both Versaterm’s customers and the citizens they serve".

Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Versaterm is a major supplier of public safety software solutions for Police, Fire, and EMS agencies across North America.  For over 40 years, Versaterm has been supplying agencies, large and small, with a fully integrated Computer Aided Dispatch System, Records Management System, Mobile Data and Field Reporting.  Our dedication to public safety involves designing innovative software solutions empowered by advanced technologies, employing professionals who care about making a difference.

Welcome Buck County
Welcome Bucks County to the Versaterm family!

May 30, 2019


Versaterm is proud to welcome Bucks County, PA into the Versaterm family.  Bucks County will be using Versaterm’s proven vCAD and vMobile products to support emergency dispatching services provided by the countywide 9-1-1 system. 

Bucks County Emergency Communications supports 100+ independent agencies, including 40 individual law enforcement entities, 60 volunteer and combination fire departments and 17 emergency medical services, as well as a number of County-based and State-based agencies by responding to 600K+ calls for service  annually. The county operates approximately 100 CAD positions which includes the Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP), administration and training positions, backup CAD positions and Command Vehicle posts.  

We look forward to this project and our new partnership with Bucks County.

Welcome Saskatchewan-01.png

March 26, 2021


Congratulations to the Government of Saskatchewan Law Enforcement Consortium on recently going live with vRMS. This ambitious multi-jurisdictional project makes the Government of Saskatchewan the first institution to implement an RMS for non-traditional police law enforcement agencies! Government ministries participating in this initiative include:

  • Ministry of the Environment

  • Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure

  • Ministry of Finance

  • Ministry of Justice

  • Ministry of Government Relations

The resulting integration and sharing of information has built stronger bonds and working relationships between the partner agencies. The value

and power of sharing the same modern vRMS provides all agencies with immediate access to each other’s information, saving time and expediting their ability to work collaboratively to detect and prevent crime.

Special thanks to PRISM, the Provincial Records and Information System Management implementation team, for their hard work implementing a system that oversees 300 officers spread out over 400,000 square miles and includes interfaces to the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency I/CAD for transferring calls and vRMS queries!

Congratulations once again to Saskatchewan and welcome to the Versaterm family!

The Government of Saskatchewan goes live with vRMS!
Welcome San Mateo 4-01.png
Welcome San Mateo County to the Versaterm family!

March 5, 2019


Versaterm extends a warm welcome to San Mateo County Public Safety Communications and their partner agencies as they kick off their vCAD project. This multi-jurisdictional installation for Police, Fire, and EMS provides San Mateo County with a feature-rich system that focuses on gaining efficiencies for call takers and dispatchers while officers in the field benefit from Versaterm’s fully-integrated mobile solution keeping important information close at hand when they need it most.

With a go-live anticipated in late 2019, this project includes many interfaces, including ReddiNet to provide real-time hospital status information within CAD, a two-way interface to Deccan LiveMUM to provide move-up recommendations, and an interface with ShotSpotter to automatically create calls for service when a gunshot is detected. 

San Mateo County covers the majority of the San Francisco Peninsula located between San Francisco and Santa Clara counties. The County of San Mateo Office of Public Safety Communications provides call taking and dispatch services for a number of agencies in the county, including the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office and their three contract cities, three municipal police departments, nine fire departments, all ambulance services county-wide, and multiple county non-emergency service agencies.​

We look forward to embarking on this enterprise-wide project with San Mateo County. Welcome to the Versaterm Family and community!

Hillsboro vCloud-01.png
Versaterm announces the Hillsboro Police Department in the Versaterm vCloud!

February 15, 2019


Versaterm is pleased to announce that the Hillsboro Police Department is live on the Versaterm vCloud. Versaterm vCloud brings the power of the Versaterm solution to the fingertips of every police officer. Mobility, coupled with out-of-the-box data sharing and analytics, makes Versaterm vCloud a powerful crime-fighting and community service tool.

 Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), vCloud is fully CJIS compliant with both the database and application stack securely hosted in the GovCloud, a specialized area in the cloud designed to host sensitive data. Hillsboro PD will enjoy the flexibility of agile development and quick deployment secure in the knowledge that Versaterm is their full-service system partner. vCloud provides them with unparalleled scalability, data security both in transit and at rest, and a cost-effective solution.​

With over 100,000 residents, Hillsboro is Oregon’s fifth-largest city boasting award-winning urban planning, an affordable cost of living, diverse populations, and a strong economic base. Versaterm congratulates the Hillsboro PD and welcomes them to the cloud!

Congratulations to the Ventura City PD who went live with the Versaterm CAD and Mobile software on December 4, 2018!

January 29, 2019


VPD’s implementation project began back in March 2018 and completed on schedule.  A special thanks goes out to the VPD Implementation team for their hard work throughout this successful project.  As a result, Ventura’s Public Safety dispatchers are now live with Versaterm’s proven CAD system which is intuitive, powerful, and offers quick access to information.  In addition, front line officers appreciate Versaterm’s fully integrated mobile software which provides them with information at their fingertips including important data for situational awareness.  Together, Versaterm CAD and mobile software is a comprehensive set of tools to help keep first responders safe in the field.

As a next step, Ventura PD will be implementing Versaterm’s vRMS (Records Management System), by joining the Santa Barbara Police Department’s vRMS system, which has been up and running for some time now. As with Versaterm’s other multi-jurisdictional sites, the value and power of sharing the same RMS will provide both agencies with immediate access to each other’s information which saves time and expedites their ability to work collaboratively to detect and prevent crime.  Because criminals tend to move between neighboring cities, sharing a database between Police Departments is the smartest approach to maximize interoperability and expose criminal activity. And Versaterm’s multi-jurisdictional RMS gives police officers the power of knowledge at their fingertips, providing easy access to search information from their cars, using the Versaterm Mobile Data Terminal (vMDT) software.

Ventura PD’s vRMS implementation is expected to be live before the end of 2019.

The Ventura Police Department is considered one of the most modern and progressive agencies in California.  Ventura City has a population of around 110,000 and the Police Department employs 134 sworn officers and 43 civilian staff.  On average, the department handles over 90,000 calls-for-service a year and processes nearly 40,000 reports. 

Versaterm once again wishes the members of the Ventura PD a warm welcome to the Versaterm family and community!

Versaterm Announces PSNet Agencies in vCloud

January 23, 2019


Versaterm is pleased to announce the PSNet agencies (Beaverton Police Department, Washington County Sheriff’s Office, and the King City Police Department) are live on the Versaterm vCloud.  Versaterm vCloud brings the power of the Versaterm solution to the fingertips of every police officer. Mobility, coupled with out-of-the-box data sharing and analytics, makes Versaterm vCloud a powerful crime-fighting and community service tool. 

Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), vCloud is fully CJIS compliant with both the database and application stack securely hosted in the GovCloud, a specialized area in the cloud designed to host sensitive data. PSNet agencies enjoy the flexibility of agile development and quick deployment secure in the knowledge that Versaterm is their full-service system partner. vCloud provides unparalleled scalability, data security both in transit and at rest, and a cost-effective solution for our PSNet partners. 

Versaterm congratulates the PSNet agencies and welcomes them to the cloud!

Austin PD_Thumbnail-01.png
Austin Police Department is now NIBRS Certified! 

January 17, 2019


Versaterm is proud to announce that the Austin Police Department is now NIBRS-certified.  Congratulations Austin PD on your achievement!  This state-legislated requirement was made possible, thanks to the support of Austin PD’s Executive Team, the Austin PD members who worked hard at testing and implementing processes to ensure data quality, and the team at the Texas Department of Public Safety who collaborated with Austin PD and Versaterm to ensure a successful certification process. 

Benefits of NIBRS data
As of January 1, 2021, all law enforcement agencies will be required to document and report crime data based on the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) requirements, which provides a detailed and more inclusive method of gathering and reporting crime data.  

Using the NIBRS data, which is a more comprehensive set of data, agencies can identify patterns and trends, in order to have a more complete overview of crime statistics within their city.  This new way of data collection is meant to help prevent crime by allowing more informed conversations with the community on crime reduction, and it provides transparency related to crime and social issues within the city.  Overall, complying with NIBRS reporting is expected to have a long term positive effect on understanding crime issues, as well as addressing issues related to the quality of life.  For the citizens of Austin, this means increased accountability on the status of public safety within the city, increased accountability on the most efficient and effective use of resources, and finally, increased transparency with crime reporting.  Ultimately, accountability and improved public services are the primary benefits resulting from this transition.

Certification Process
n Texas, for a law enforcement agency to be NIBRS-certified, the agency must first have a NIBRS-compatible RMS (Records Management System), which has the ability to collect data from the agency and then extract it into a monthly file that meets the state’s specifications.  In order for RMS vendors to be certified with the state, the agency is required to provide three consecutive months of data with 4% or less error rate.  The Austin PD employs 2,594 sworn members. Versaterm congratulates the Austin PD for achieving this certification.

Natural Use
Versaterm’s field-based reporting software (vMRE) and Records Management System (vRMS) have evolved over the past 20+ years to meet the operational needs of the Police, while also adhering to state-mandated requirements such as NIBRS reporting, in addition to other legislative requirements such as racial profiling and use of force. To keep up with ever-changing needs, Versaterm continually evolves both products, while ensuring a natural use experience for our end-users.  The Austin PD has implemented Versaterm’s latest versions of the vMRE and vRMS, which include Versaterm’s new integrated NIBRS validation helper; a great feature that takes the officer directly to the field or screen that needs to be corrected.  This new feature has been very well received, making it easier and even faster for officers to complete their reports in compliance with the NIBRS data collection rules.

About Versaterm
Versaterm specializes in integrated software solutions for public safety agencies (Police, Fire, and EMS).  The Versaterm product suite combines advanced mobile technology, with sophisticated software to give agencies the efficiency, flexibility, and control they need from their information management systems in today’s fast-paced world.  With over four decades of industry expertise, Versaterm offers Computer Aided Dispatch Systems (vCAD), Records Management Systems (vRMS), and Mobility Solutions for public safety agencies.  Since 1977, Versaterm has been passionate about supporting front line first responders.  Our dedication to public safety involves designing innovative and intuitive software solutions empowered by the most advanced technologies, employing professionals who care about making a difference and adapting to ever-changing needs.  Versaterm delivers solutions hosted "in the cloud," powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), providing true SaaS (Software as a Service) with dynamic scalability and configurability.

Welcome Minneapolis-01.png
Congratulations to the Minneapolis Police Department!​

November 13, 2018


Versaterm extends a warm welcome to the City of Minneapolis, the first Versaterm customer in the state of Minnesota, who joined the Versaterm community earlier this summer!  On June 5, 2018, the Minneapolis Police Department went live with the Versaterm RMS in a multi-jurisdictional environment in collaboration with the University of Minnesota Police and the Minneapolis Park Police.  

The implementation of Versaterm's RMS, Mobile Workstation and numerous interfaces, supports the evolving changes in legislation, technology and policies.  Together with modernized technology and efficient business processes, these systems provide the foundation for the City of Minneapolis to continue the delivery of professional police services.

Congratulations to MPD's Lt Gregory Reinhardt and to City IT Project Manager Kevin Lutz for leading the Minneapolis implementation team through a successful implementation project!  A big round of applause to the Implementation Team who worked very hard at making this happen.  

And thank you very much to the Police Command Staff and to the City IT officials who supported this project!


Minneapolis is the largest city in the state of Minnesota, and is home to approximately 400,000 residents. Minneapolis is also part of a larger metropolitan area including Saint Paul, the state’s capital, with a total metro-area population registering nearly 3.4 million people.  MPD employs approximately 888 sworn officers and 300 civilian employees. 

HCSO Get out of Jail-01.png
Hillsborough County's 'Get Out of Jail Card'

November 9, 2018


The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office has replaced their 30-year legacy system with Versaterm’s Jail Management System, an advanced system designed to efficiently manage inmates. While the legacy system had served them well in the past, HCSO recognized the opportunity to take advantage of everything a modern JMS could offer, while at the same time achieving greater integration with their existing Versadex Records Management System. 


HCSO's Department of Detention Services (the 8th largest detention facility in the US) accommodates approximately 5,000 beds, and is responsible for the housing, custody, and care of all persons incarcerated in Hillsborough County, employing approximately 900 sworn members and 425 civilian members.  


One of the best features of the Versaterm JMS is the ability to effectively manage the movement of inmates.  At a glance, it allows staff to see where an inmate is and where they are going, with the flexibility of adding stops between the starting and final destinations.

A true measurable benefit of the new JMS is the amount of time it now takes the jail to complete a headcount; the new process now takes less time, and is more detailed than ever before!


Another powerful feature that is highly valued by the jail, is the software’s Jail Log feature.  It provides an audit trail for recording changes made to booking data, inmate records, and also allows users to enter classification, housing and other types of user-generated entries. The types of entries are limitless and everything is searchable to include free-form text searches. 

The benefits and increased efficiencies of the Versaterm JMS are significant and apparent.  Versaterm congratulates the HCSO project team for their outstanding job in developing new processes and providing training to end-users.  Their dedication to this project made for a smooth transition, as they set free from their old systems and old processes.  


"None of this would have been possible without the support of the Versaterm Team. They are responsive, understanding, and professional which has eased the transition from our legacy system to the JMS.”  
~ Corporal Grant Elliott of the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office

4J's Award-01.png
Versaterm wins Best Innovation ISV! 

October 26, 2018


From our partners at Four Js: "The ‘Best Innovation for an ISV’ award goes to Versaterm Inc., a leader in public safety systems in Canada and the USA. Successful ISVs frequently reinvent themselves and Versaterm is an excellent example of that. One of the first to see the potential of Mobile, their vision for Genero as a one-stop shop to render one business logic across all platforms was one of the drivers behind our Universal Rendering concept.

They also embraced Genero Web Services very early on, which today not only serves their customers but also the community-at-large as a distinguished, ‘government selected’ Service Provider."

Mesa Police Department will be implementing vRMS, vMRE, vMDT and vMobile!

July 17, 2018


Versaterm is pleased to announce a partnership with the City of Mesa (Arizona) that will bring modern Records Management and Mobile Data solutions to the Mesa Police Department (MPD).  The City of Mesa will be leveraging the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure for the hosting of the Versaterm vRMS, vMRE, vMDT and vMobile applications.


The City of Mesa is home to nearly 500,000 people and is currently ranked as the 36th largest city in the United States.  MPD’s 800+ sworn officers as well as 400+ civilian personnel will utilize the Versaterm applications to more easily and accurately respond to police calls, write/review incident reports, manage property, analyze statistics and more. With Mesa joining other Arizona-based Versaterm clients (Phoenix, Tempe and Chandler), the ability to share valuable police data becomes much more seamless.  

The project will include the implementation of a NIBRS compliant RMS system to allow for mandated FBI reporting and Versaterm’s full Mobile suite that provides officers with access to real-time vital information from anywhere.  


The Configuration phase kicks off in August 2018 with an anticipated go-live by the end of 2019.

Ventura City Police Department on board with Versaterm!

May 22, 2018


Versaterm extends a warm welcome to the Ventura City Police Department as they join the Versaterm community. Ventura City will not only be using Versaterm’s full product suite; they will also be implementing the vRMS in a multi-jurisdictional environment with the Santa Barbara Police Department. This pacific coast city has a population of around 110,000, and the Police Department employs 134 sworn officers and 43 civilian staff.
On average, the department handles over 90,000 calls-for-service a year and processes nearly 40,000 reports. 

The first vCAD/vMDT implementation workshop got off to a great start in March, and we look forward to fall 2018 go live, which will be followed by the vRMS/vMRE implementation. 

Great job all around, and a special thanks to Asst. Police Chief Darin Schindler and his team for their excellent work!

Sacramento County Sheriff's Department adds vRMS & vMRE to their Versaterm Product Suite!