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Image by Alejandro Luengo

Versaterm at IACP 2023

October 14-17 | San Diego, CA | Booth #4739

Smart Innovation. Safer Communities. Better Outcomes.

Step into a world of innovation and excellence at the 2023 International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Annual Conference, where you'll find Versaterm Public Safety at the forefront of the action. 


Get ready for an unparalleled experience at the IACP Annual Conference and Expo, the ultimate gathering for law enforcement professionals like you. With a dynamic community of over 16,000 public safety experts, this event is your gateway to discovering the latest techniques and technology to empower your agency to foster safer communities and more just outcomes. 


Imagine a future where your agency operates seamlessly, engages deeply with the community, and optimizes resources to fulfill its mission. Versaterm Public Safety will showcase innovative solutions designed to turn this vision into reality. 


Join us to explore how you can enhance community engagement, drive meaningful connections, and boost operational efficiency. Your journey towards shaping a safer, more connected tomorrow begins right here. We can't wait to meet you! 


Visit booth #4739 to discover how you can provide enhanced customer service in your community while operating more efficiently. 

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Solutions Highlights


An intuitive and customizable system with an integrated GPS-aided routing system for a more efficient and coordinated response. Versaterm MDT and mobile solutions offer agencies an extension for field response. 


A Versaterm RMS add-on module that allows community members to submit a non-emergency report quickly and easily using conversational AI.

Image by Giorgio Trovato

IAPro solutions

Designed to help agencies uphold professional standards, integrity, and early intervention for well-being

Video Camera Lens

Visual Labs

A solution that converts your smartphone into a body-worn camera or dash camera with live streaming capabilities and real-time location tracking to improve safety. 


Empowers agencies with an easy and efficient way to integrate and manage data – it is tightly integrated with Versaterm CAD and has a mobile report entry extension.


Versaterm CaseWorX for Courts by FivePoint Solutions

Solutions built to migrate your operations away from manual processes to improve efficiency and accessibility for better outcomes and victim care


Enables public safety agencies to automatically send one-to-one text messages, emails, and mobile-friendly surveys to 9-1-1 callers, reporting parties, victims, and other community members.

Library Cards

Visual Labs DEMS

Provides an accurate account of events for investigators or detectives when reviewing or presenting case evidence.

We can't wait to meet you at IACP 2023

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