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Document Management System

Move from Disarray to Order

Digital files spread across multiple systems with a wide variety of structures slows access and decreased efficiency. Incorporating an electronic document management system to organize your digital materials makes critical information more readily available while reducing record administration time. 


70% of Association of Intelligent Information Management (AIIM) members say that getting the right information, to the right person, at the right time is at the heart of their digital transformation challenge. (Source: https://Info.Aiim.Org/Aiim-Blog/Intelligent-Search-Strategies)

Optimize File Storage and Safety

Let us help keep your organization’s important records safe and accessible while reducing storage costs and management. 

Transform How You Access Information Using Digital Storage

Our digital platform uses metadata extracted during the conversion process to make searches easy and efficient. The result? You can quickly access the key information you need to take action or fulfill a request. Speak with our experts to discover how our solution can help your agency. 

Secure Document Storage Simplified

Simplified Search

Indexed and OCR’ed documents make search and reporting effortless

Role-Based Security and Access Control

Maintain document security by providing the right information to the right people at the right time

Extensive Scanning & Uploading Capabilities

Built for high volume with multiple document-type scanning and indexing

Worldwide Availability

Secure web logins make your documents available anywhere via any web-accessible device

Robust Cloud Storage

Uses a highly secured, performant Microsoft Azure US Government Cloud data center with flexible storage options

Software Integrations Available

Existing software integration allows retrieval across multiple document platforms

A Comprehensive Portal for Managing Information and Records

Gain secure access and retrieval of records using a single cloud repository that boosts visibility and ease of access for your team. 

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