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Formed in 1977 by industry leaders who were fundamental in building the CPIC system—the Canadian equivalent to NCIC and NLETS, Versaterm has become a leading developer of integrated software solutions for First Responders in Canada and United States.


The Versaterm product suite combines advanced mobile workstation technology, with robust and sophisticated software to give agencies the efficiency, flexibility, and control they need from their information management systems in the 21st century. 


With over four decades of industry expertise, Versaterm offers Computer Aided Dispatch Systems (vCAD), Records Management Systems (vRMS), and Mobility Solutions for public safety agencies. Versaterm’s vCAD is a fully featured dispatch system that supports advanced command and control communications center and is built specifically for round-the-clock operation in mission-critical environments. Furthermore, the consolidated dispatch model allows fire and safety services, emergency medical services, and police to be notified from the same dispatch center in real time. 

Versaterm’s Advisory Committee mandate is to consider the issues and demands that public safety agencies may face in the future and match those future trends to expectations in their information systems. Their meetings focus on the next five to ten years to understand trends in policing and public safety in general. These expert opinions assist Versaterm so that we can prepare and get a head start on the development of future products and product enhancements. 

The committee is made up of senior Versaterm users representing a mix of operational and technical expertise, such as Chiefs and Deputy Chiefs, IT managers, and other high-ranking officers from across North America, along with industry consultants and authorities from PERF (Police Executive Research Forum).

Advisory Committee


Versaterm's Values

We believe that technology is an enabler to solving problems in an environment where both reliability and predictability are paramount and that technology contribute to the user experience and manageability.


Rather than the traditional vendor-customer relationship, we look for partners where agencies will contribute their good ideas to the evolution of the product thereby enriching the experience of the entire customer base. These good ideas are what keep the products evolving and leading edge and have made our systems a repository of best practices. We enjoy special relationships with each and every one of our partners and the evolution of the Versaterm product line over the years is a testament to these close relationships.


We keep our products agile and our architecture permits us to advance it quickly with the good ideas that come from our user community. As technology and user expectations evolve, this philosophy keeps our products leading edge in functionality while our architecture allows us to conform to the latest technological standards.


Our people make the difference and our organizational structure perpetuates the model where highly capable and experienced individuals work closely with you. The experience we bring delivers results.



Statement of Commitment Accessibility Plan

Versaterm is committed to providing a barrier-free environment for our clients/customers, employees, job applicants, suppliers, visitors, and other stakeholders who enter our premises and access our information. As an organization, we respect and uphold the requirements set forth under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (2005).


For more detailed information on our accessibility policies, plans, and training programs or to provide feedback, please contact info@versaterm.com or call 613-820-0311.


Click here for a copy of Versaterm’s Multi-Year Accessibility Plan. This document is available in alternate formats upon request.


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