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Holistic Support for Better Student Outcomes

Intervene Proactively

Support student well-being and increase school safety by adopting a collaborative case management solution with integrated, multi-database search portal.

Gather, Analyze, Assess

Increase the effectiveness of your school safety program by streamlining data collection and assessment to support early identification and student well-being. The Versaterm school safety solution pairs a robust case management system with an integrated federated search portal. This unique solution incorporates your team’s processes and allows you to quickly pull critical information from disparate, external data sources. 

Customized Guidance for Your School Threat Assessment Team

Consolidated Case Information

Document even low-level concerns in a centralized platform and digital repository while ensuring that information is stored and maintained securely

Manage Intervention Plans, Increase Student Well-Being

Improve outcomes for at-risk students through guided student well-being processes and intervention plan management

Efficiently Assess Student Risk Level

Integrate threat assessment best practices into your team’s workflow and generate consistent student reports to provide insights into key events

Security Standards Made Simple

Maintain data security and retention compliance while fostering collaboration and information sharing for multi-jurisdictional teams

Integrated Federated Search Portal

Our integrated multi-database search provides secure access to timely, complete and accurate information from multiple external data sources via a single search.

Committed to Helping Your School Safety Teams

We have over four decades of experience working with various agencies involved in the judicial and public safety spaces. Our robust case management tool for schools helps improve outcomes for at-risk students and foster safer school environments. 

Dedicated to Keeping Schools Safe

Let Versaterm support your school behavioral threat assessment teams by streamlining your case management. 

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