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CaseWorX for Courts

Focus on Outcomes, Not Data Management with CaseWorX

Unlock greater efficiency, lower costs and reduce errors with CaseWorX for Courts. The challenges your court faces serve as the inspiration behind the development of our platform. We designed the solutions to assist you in optimizing your workflows, improving collaboration among team members and ensuring accurate information sharing. With this solution, you can streamline your processes, increase productivity and ultimately deliver better outcomes for your participants.  


At our core, we're committed to empowering courts with the technology and support you need to succeed. If you're looking to modernize your operations, we're here to help you achieve your purpose more efficiently and effectively.


Empower Specialized Court Services

CaseWorX supports the unique requirements of treatment courts, pre-trial services and probation, increasing efficiency and accuracy.


Enable End-to-End Collaboration

From case managers and compliance officers to prosecutors and judges, CaseWorX ensures clear communications and continuity, using easily defined workflows, data integration and shared calendars.


Foster Participant Success

Give all team members the information they need to increase program completion and reduce recidivism.

Features and Benefits

Our comprehensive web-based solution seamlessly connects Court Coordinators, treatment providers, Case Managers, Court Administrators, Judges and Law Enforcement, helping them create just outcomes.  

Document Integration and Management

Users can easily import existing data and streamline data entry from drug screening labs, call-in systems, case-monitoring solutions and more; all records are easily searched and organized, from court orders to community service timesheets.  

Reports and Analytics

Quickly generate participant snapshots and key metrics to support program insights, helping you track progress against goals and apply for additional grants and funding.  

Advanced Automation

Teams can create specific forms for different workflows, automatically filling in correct fields, reducing data entry errors and saving time; CaseWorX supports payment tracking, creating a complete record of each participant's activity.  

Multi-Device Capability

From desktop to phone, CaseWorX provides secure online access to the complete spectrum of case-related information.

Convert Paperwork into Performance

Discover how less paper saves time and boosts your court’s performance through greater accuracy, consistency and efficiency

Technical Points

  • Integration with multiple data sources
    • 30+ RMS

    • CMS

    • CAD

    • GIS mapping

    • JMS vendor systems 

  • Create role-based access for sensitive information, such as CJIS, HIPAA, or 42 CFR Part 2 
  • Configure to the highest industry standards supporting: 
    • Justice Information Exchange Model (JIEM) 

    • National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) 

    • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) enabled 

    • Java and .NET web services 


"Case management programs such as those developed by FivePoint [sic] help us better serve the citizens that entrust us with making good decisions in an economical and efficient manner. The number of participants in accountability courts is increasing, and it is important that the increased volume of data be managed accurately, thoroughly and quickly."

The Honorable Brenda S. Weaver, Chief Superior Court Judge, Appalachian Judicial Circuit 

Track Individual Success Journeys

Comprehensive tracking and reporting put you in control of your court's results story

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