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Versaterm Launches Professional Standards Training Program

June 27, 2024

OTTAWA – June 27, 2024 Versaterm, a global public safety solutions leader, announced today its new comprehensive program of training courses specifically designed for Professional Standards Investigators, Police Commanders, Field Supervisors or any staff responsible for upholding agency service standards to their community. Public safety agencies today operate in an environment of high expectations as never before. Established processes and proactive approaches to administrative investigations provide the foundation for accountability, transparency and community trust.  

The program provides live, interactive sessions led by highly experienced instructors and covers the complexities of administrative investigations, ethical decision-making, early identification, officer wellness and additional topics focused on maintaining public support. Attendees are introduced to strategies and techniques for administrative investigations that are then reinforced through practical scenarios. Sample instruction includes, but is not limited to: 

  • An overview of administrative investigations detailing the role, structure and responsibilities of Professional Standards investigators  

  • Systemic procedures for receiving and addressing community feedback, including compliant fundamentals, forms, intake errors, assessment and tracking  

  • Robust investigation procedures, including planning, evidence management, conducting investigations and diligent report writing 

The program offers valuable continuous learning opportunities that help improve personnel’s professional skills.  


“Implementing robust processes for feedback collection, appropriate intervention and accurate reporting is crucial to helping ensure that all public interactions are positive experiences for community members,” said Tim Conner, General Manager, Versaterm. “We designed this program to empower personnel and agencies with the comprehensive knowledge and skills required to conduct investigations with complete confidence and adherence to compliance standards, no matter their organization’s size or structure.”

In March 2023, Versaterm expanded its portfolio by acquiring CI Technologies and its IAPro solution, a full-featured software platform designed to meet the needs of Professional Standards units. The industry-leading software helps police agencies maintain their integrity and reputation in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States. 

The next training series is scheduled to begin July 29. For more information or to register, visit the IAPro Professional Standards Training Program.

About Versaterm

Versaterm is a global public safety solutions company helping agencies transform their organizations by providing innovative solutions, expertise, and an unwavering dedication to customer service. Formed in 1977, we are on a journey to build an ecosystem that will enhance community safety by creating purposeful integrations across the public safety spectrum. We deliver intuitive tools developed for public safety agencies, forensic labs, court systems, schools, and other institutions. Our selective growth strategy focuses on improving customer and user workflows for more efficient and effective operations, leading to better service and more just outcomes. For more information, visit, LinkedIn or X (formerly Twitter).

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