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Versaterm acquires Komutel, leading next-gen 9-1-1 software developer

Versaterm Public Safety has acquired Komutel (, a leading provider of highly innovative emergency services telecommunications and interoperability solutions for NextGen 9-1-1. In addition to a fully compliant NG9-1-1 call handling solution, Komutel is a leading provider of multimedia and voice logging recorders as well as middleware for the transition from legacy 9-1-1 to NG9-1-1. 

​Since its launch in 2001, Komutel’s communications software has emerged as a solution of choice among 9-1-1 call takers in Canada, serving some of the largest agencies in the country. Komutel will soon be doing the same in the United States and offer a wide range of breakthrough software tools designed to address real-world response limitations of analog 9-1-1 calls and enable emergency services professionals to overcome this “digital divide.” 

“With this acquisition, Versaterm’s support-centric approach now extends into the 9-1-1 side of the emergency services communications center where Komutel has set the industry standard for software solutions,” said Warren Loomis, Versaterm CEO. ​

Together with Komutel, Versaterm will now extend its world-class customer service into the 9-1-1 side of the emergency communications center while the Versaterm R&D roadmap designs a deep integration of Komutel’s 9-1-1 call handling tools with Versaterm vCAD empowering a seamless call-for-service-to-dispatch experience. In addition, Versaterm’s customers will be able to fully leverage Komutel’s experience deploying purpose-built, end-to-end middleware solutions to effectively navigate into the NG9-1-1 era.  

​Komutel is Versaterm’s sixth acquisition since 2020 (joining JusticeTrax, SPIDR Tech, Adashi Systems, eJust Systems and TechVoice) and shares a key, common trait with all of our additions: delivery of a proven technology solution that uniquely addresses the real-world challenges of emergency service professionals.

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