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Announcing Versaterm and Adashi

Versaterm Public Safety has acquired Adashi Systems LLC (, a leading provider of Critical Incident and Command (C&C), Scheduling and Alerting software to more than 1,500 Fire and Police customers worldwide.    

Adashi will most certainly augment Versaterm’s public safety platform with its innovative solutions for Fire and Police that will plug into the Versaterm CAD and leverage advanced mobility while increasing safety and streamlining the tactical command of any major incidentAt the core, integration between the Versaterm CAD / Mobile and the Adashi Critical Incident & Command software will deliver greater tactical awareness and management for Versaterm’s ever-growing Police and Fire customers. Today, C&C is being used by Fire Departments worldwide to manage large-scale fires, including the recent wildfires in Australia.

Although C&C solutions may have been initially developed for Fire to electronically manage fires, including tracking units, locations, organization, and monitoring the firefighters, its popularity has morphed into a valuable tool for Police. The ability to draw on the map and quickly disseminate the information across the incident and even throughout the department is extremely powerful in managing protests, SWAT calls, and other major events. At the same time, the generation of the necessary federal ICS forms streamlines the after-action reporting requirements. Today one of the largest police departments in the US leverages Adashi, integrated with a Versaterm CAD! 

At Versaterm, we see the value of such a tool for not only our Fire customers, but Police as well. Having a completely integrated Versaterm solution will provide advancements unachievable via 3rd party products.​

The requirements to manage and provide consistent reporting of the incident for analysis is an ever-growing requirement. Adashi, leveraging all the data within CAD, delivers.​

Adashi solutions such as RollCall, Alert, and their purpose-built Fire MDT also become part of the Versaterm brand, streamlining agency operations. Some great videos can be found here.​

Adashi is yet another step in Versaterm’s quest to develop and/or acquire avant-garde software that will benefit the community, enhance first responder safety and streamline operations.  Following on the heels of TechVoice and the very popular CaseService solution, Versaterm is “moving the yardsticks down the field” in terms of advancing public safety software.​

Although Adashi solutions will continue to be sold independently (around the world), the integration with the Versaterm CAD will advance, making it a very comprehensive solution to the users of the combined Versaterm CAD/Adashi solution set.​

Adashi software will be introduced at the upcoming Versaterm Re:Invent User Workshop in Tampa, FL (October 4-7, 2021).  We expect the Adashi solution to be on full display during the showcase event and in breakout sessions.

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