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Inspiring Innovation at ASCLD 2024 With Versaterm

Forensic science is constantly evolving and adapting to ensure justice is achieved. The growing complexity and volume of evidence combined with changing public expectations continue to drive significant change within the field. This shift has made manually managing laboratory operations more demanding for crime labs and forensic units everywhere. Industry events like the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors (ASCLD) annual symposium series allow you to explore new solutions that support your laboratory's workflows, network with other professionals in the industry and gain insights into the latest in forensic science. 


Connect With Us in Birmingham, Alabama 

Versaterm, formerly JusticeTrax, will be in Booth 73 at the 51st Annual ASCLD Symposium from April 29 to May 1. This year's theme, Inspiring Innovation, highlights the importance of bringing together diverse minds, perspectives and disciplines to spark change within forensic science. 


JusticeTrax has been a proud supporter of the ASCLD Annual Symposium since 1997 and is returning this year as the event's Diamond Sponsor under the Versaterm name. As Versaterm, the traditional JusticeTrax values remain unchanged – we will continue to invest in our partners' long-term success by fostering innovation and delivering exceptional service. Being part of the larger purpose-built ecosystem means access to more resources and public safety experts, including JusticeTrax's forensic scientists.  


The Versaterm JusticeTrax Suite 

With more accredited laboratory customers than any other vendor, we understand how traditional laboratory management methods interfere with your ability to maintain excellence and accountability. That's why our Versaterm JusticeTrax suite is designed to meet the evolving needs of crime labs and forensic units. Our solutions are exceptionally adaptable and quality-driven, prepared to assist you with everything from inventory, case, and evidence management to quality assurance. At ASCLD 2024, we're highlighting how these tools help teams like yours allocate resources effectively while maintaining the highest standards and compliance in every case, including: 

  • Versaterm JusticeTrax Cloud: A complete cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription available for all Versaterm JusticeTrax solutions   

  • LIMS-plus: A comprehensive case management tool that integrates evidence tracking, analytical results and lab management information   

  • LIMS-plus DNA: Designed to help reduce DNA backlogs by automating forensic sample data processing for both casework and databanks   

  • CIMS: The Consumables Inventory Management System allows you to efficiently manage your stocks of raw chemicals, prepared reagents and other lab consumables 


Purpose-Built Solutions to Compliment Laboratory Management 

Along with the Versaterm JusticeTrax suite, we will also be showcasing other solutions at ASCLD 2024 that can further support the workflows of your crime lab or forensic unit. For example, Versaterm Records and Evidence Management can accommodate large volumes and a variety of data to ensure information is readily available for your team. This equips your agency with the actionable intelligence needed to help close cases quickly and accurately. 


Our document conversion experts will also be in attendance, ready to discuss how Versaterm's document conversion and management services can help you move from analog to actionable. Non-digital records archives can create clutter in your laboratory, making searching for important information more difficult. Digitizing these files provides data longevity, increases the availability of all your data and ensures that your crime lab or forensic unit uses its space effectively. 


Learn More at ASCLD 2024 

At Versaterm, our purpose-built ecosystem for public safety is ready to support your laboratory. Every solution for forensic management is designed to elevate your current operations without disrupting workflows or creating siloes. With a dedicated professional service team committed to helping you succeed, we are constantly innovating to meet your unique needs. Don't miss out on the opportunity to connect with our team at Booth 73 during ASCLD 2024. They are ready to discuss how our solutions help your crime lab or forensic unit reduce inefficient processes so you can focus more on outcomes. 


To schedule a meeting or demo prior to ASCLD 2024, please contact us beforehand to secure a spot.   


We can't wait to see you there! As you prepare, take a closer look at our ecosystem and see firsthand how crime laboratories and forensic units benefit from Versaterm JusticeTrax solutions. 



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