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Happy Women's Day!

“Real Queens Fix Each Other’s Crowns” – unknown

Team Versaterm is built with strong and smart people who are dedicated to inspiring positive changes for the advancement of public safety. For over 40 years, the women at Versaterm have been a key to our success, by not only rising to the challenges imposed by our industry and technology landscape, but also by raising the bar for excellence in our industry. For this, we are fiercely proud!

Playing important roles at all levels, our women are technically savvy, they inspire and nurture others, and they are instrumental in leading change with the kind of energy that isn’t soon forgotten. Versaterm has always strived to find the most talented individuals, regardless of gender, and we respect and appreciate the work of everyone who gives their best.

On this International Women’s Day, we pay special tribute to the women at Versaterm who are key to our success!


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