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Data Analytics

Versaterm offers a solution that puts the power of business intelligence in your hands. With a rich data set stored in a simplified format in the Versaterm Data Mart (vDM), analysts can choose how to access data using virtually any application, from spreadsheets and mapping programs to sophisticated business intelligence software. With Versaterm’s Crime Analysis Package, the ability to extract incident and crime data is at your fingertips!
While the choice is yours, Versaterm’s recommended tool for crime data analytics is Tableau, an interactive data visualization tool that provides many ways to access, combine, and visualize different data types from multiple data sources using a “drag and drop” user interface. When paired with the vDM, Tableau becomes a powerful data visualizer that helps analysts discover patterns and trends in their agency’s crime and incident data. The initial data set from the vDM can be easily extended with additional information provided by the Versaterm vCAD and vRMS. Versaterm provides the supports and recommends the tools needed to leverage trusted data so your agency can successfully meet your analytical needs.
Versaterm supplies sample templates to get you started with Tableau, while sites experienced in data analytics can continue to work as before and are empowered even more by the unlimited potential of the vDM. With vCAP the best of both worlds can be achieved. Unlock the power of crime data analytics with Versaterm’s Crime Analysis package.

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