Notice re 2020 Versaterm Re:Invent Users Workshop Cancellation


After carefully monitoring COVID-19 developments, we have canceled this year’s 2020 Versaterm Re:Invent Users Workshop due to the level of uncertainty and the potential risk to the health of our delegates, exhibitors, speakers, and staff.  Restrictions on travel and large gatherings may still be in place in the Fall, and a majority of users polled indicated they would be unlikely to attend.  


Versaterm is in the early stages of evaluating methods of delivering training and other classes virtually and will be looking for feedback and perhaps participation from our vast user community. 


This is a disappointing turn of events for both the incredibly hardworking host agency, Saskatoon Police Service, and for Versaterm.  The annual users’ workshop is a wonderful opportunity to meet face to face and exchange ideas and best practices and we look forward to seeing you all again next year! 

Three Days of Informative Sessions


Every year Versaterm users from various client public safety agencies gather at the Versaterm Re:Invent Users Workshop. The workshop is an opportunity for attendees to network and meet the key Versaterm staff. Participants can exchange best practices and learn about new developments in Versaterm’s software and in public safety and technology in general.


Participants from a variety of agencies deliver presentations on specific aspects of the Versaterm product suite, the latest technological developments affecting public safety, and real-life technological case studies. In addition, keynote speakers share their inspiring and captivating ideas and stories.


Every year attendance continues to grow and the workshop always generates an enthusiastic response. We encourage clients and prospective clients to attend. The Versaterm Re:Invent Users Workshop is a great way to learn about Versaterm’s end-to-end product suite and to hear a variety of opinions on where the public safety industry is headed in these rapidly changing times.

Versaterm Workshop Steering Committee

This committee was formed after the 2003 workshop to guide and assist future hosts. The committee is composed of previous workshop hosts, and future committees are able to draw on their experience throughout their planning processes. They also:

  • award the next event to one of the applicant hosts

  • oversee the workshop’s funding and budgets

  • arrange for experienced past host representatives to assist the next host to select hotels, meeting space, venues, etc.

So you want to host a Versaterm Users Best Practice & Training Workshop?


Versaterm user agencies are invited to apply to the Workshop Steering Committee to host a future Versaterm Re:Invent Users Workshop by contacting Steering Committee Chair Eldon Amoroso at eldon.amoroso@gmail.com.


The committee arranges for experienced staff from previous host agencies to liaise with new hosts to assist with plans, venue selection, themes, hotels, meeting rooms, budgets, etc. They are always available as resources to the new host committee. Versaterm collaborates with the new host to produce the program for the main sessions and the workshops.


If you have any questions regarding hosting the Versaterm Re:Invent Users Workshop, please contact Terri Rosales at terri.rosales@versaterm.com or 613.820.0311.

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