vMDT 7.6

Access to mission-critical data is vital to first responders in the field. For these individuals who are always on the go, we’ve added speech recognition and voice feedback capabilities to the latest version of Versaterm vMDT giving you command and control of the vMDT by voice! The new speech recognition solution lets first responders issue verbal commands to perform an action. For example, you could change your status, call up specific screens, or even perform a simple Plate Query, all by talking to your vMDT. Using vMDT is now faster, more convenient, and more efficient than ever before. First responders can keep their heads up and eyes on the road as they utilize Versaterm vMDT’s fast, accurate voice feedback feature. Instead of reading the screen, communications such as dispatches and updates are read aloud to you assuring that awareness and safety remain paramount. 


  • Verbal confirmation from the vMDT when a command is issued (e.g., that you changed your status). 

  • Ability to perform functions and simple queries without touching the keyboard, mouse, or touchscreen.

  • Enhanced awareness as a result of voice feedback increases officer safety. 

  • Live speech dispatches, updates, messages, and responses.

Highlights include:


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