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Real Time Intelligence

Give personnel in the field and the command center comprehensive situational awareness, enabling faster, better-informed decisions and successful outcomes.


Improve Data

Access multiple data sources for seamless sharing, real-time intelligence and informed decisions.


Enhance Relevancy and Accuracy

Boost data-informed decisions and responses with the right information delivered at the right time.


Help Identify Connections Faster

Visualize and connect data quickly with advanced analytics and automatic geofenced reports and alerts.

Enhance Your Situational Awareness and Make Actionable Connections for Safer Communities 


Unite disparate information from multiple sources, providing secure access to data from across the complete booking-to-resolution spectrum.

Real-Time Federated Queries

Users can query one or multiple disparate data sources simultaneously for a comprehensive view of available information.

Role-Based Security

Versaterm FocalPoint's role-based security ensures that the right information is provided to the right people at the right time.

Multi-System Integration

By consolidating data from multiple systems into a single dashboard view, information becomes more usable and meaningful for investigations and decision-making.

Web-Based Portal

Information can be accessed via desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone to reduce lag time and put information in the hands of personnel at the moment of need.

Empowering agencies with an easy and efficient way to integrate and manage data

Faster records entry

Seamless information management allows for a quick records entry process and easy searches.

Flexible display options

Mobile platform offers easy-to-navigate user interface for increased efficiency​.

Multi-database access

Bi-directional integration with NCIC/CPIC, NLETS, and State networks.

Policeman on scene

All-in-one smartphone body and dash cameras for enhanced evidence management

Real-time Situational Awareness

See real-time status and position of officers in the field.

Automatic Upload

Effortlessly transfer footage into the evidence management platform.

Advanced Analytics for Actionable Intelligence

Access location-based analytics, heatmaps of staff coverage, and automatic reports and alerts for critical areas.

Seamless Installation

Utilize existing ports and wiring in officer vehicles for easy installation.

Providing an accurate account of events for investigators or detectives when reviewing or presenting case evidence

Automatic Uploads

Audio and video files from the body-worn camera are CJIS-compliant.

Geofencing Capabilities

System provides automatic reports and alerts for critical areas such as school zones.

User Privacy Protection

Robust permission set and audit trails plus redaction tools ensure people are protected.

Easily Manage Video

Find, tag, and annotate footage easily within the system.

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