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2023 Innovation Award

A New Year to Innovate

The rapid changes we see today from public opinion to government regulations to technology require problem-solving creativity and lead to innovative outcomes. 

Versaterm Public Safety Innovation Award 

This year and in the future, the award is expanding to include projects using solutions from across our ecosystem. 

It’s Time to Share Your Innovative Projects 

Organizations and their IT departments continue to pivot do more and do it better, often with less. These types of environments are where creativity and innovation thrive. What are we learning from these projects? What were approaches taken? How were they executed? What were the metrics for success? These are all lessons in themselves and will help us tackle the next disruption.   

The award presentations are scheduled for the second day of the Users Workshop to provide the opportunity for onsite meetings. We believe this process offers more value to you, our Versaterm Public Safety customers.   

2023 Award Winners

We’re delighted to announce that the Award Committee has evaluated all the submissions from across our ecosystem and selected the 2023 winners. These public safety agencies, forensic labs, court systems, schools, and others have shown us that innovation is about the people behind the technology. We're lucky to have such creative and inspiring individuals in our community. Thank you to everyone who took the time to apply this year.


Texas Department of Public Safety

Managing the Conversion from Legacy CAD/MDT to Versaterm Products


Fire and Rescue New South Wales

Enhancing Officer and Public Safety by Better Communications


Sacramento City Police Department

Analyzing Gun Related Violence and Regional Sharing

These winners as well as a number of other projects will present during this year’s Re:Invent Users Workshop in September.

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