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Versaterm is committed to being a reliable, full-service information system partner to our customers. We offer a fully featured and comprehensive product line that meets the automation needs of public safety agencies now and in the future. Our products are highly integrated and are built on open concepts and principles while our system architecture is flexible enabling agile development and quick deployment.

We believe it is important to deliver solutions with real and measurable benefits. Versaterm is about creating a user experience that makes a difference in public safety. We encourage you to contact our customers to hear from them how Versaterm's products and services can make a difference to your agency.

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Versaterm’s Case Service is a non-emergency online reporting solution that automates citizen contact with your agency by leveraging multilingual voice, mobile apps, web, and text message communication. Based on agency specifications, the citizen gets helpful notifications at each step in the disposition process, reassuring them that their incident is being addressed. 


Versaterm vCloud offers many benefits, including unparalleled scalability, data security (in transit and at rest), and results in cost-saving factors. The cloud architecture provides freedom and flexibility with rapid change expansion on the horizon. Moreover, vCloud is scalable and quick to deploy. 


Our Computer Aided Dispatch system is powerful, intuitive and was built specifically for non-stop operation in mission-critical environments and supports the consolidated dispatch model in which Fire, EMS, and Police are dispatched from the same dispatch center. Contributing to public and officer safety, vCAD enhances dispatcher capabilities and puts information in the hands of those that need it the most.


The Mobile Data Terminal is offered for both Fire and Police departments as an extension of Versaterm vCAD. Using an intuitive interface, the vMDT provides its users with a comprehensive array of tools for managing dispatches, communicating with the dispatch center and other units or apparatus, performing call-related activities, and querying various databases.


The Versaterm vMobile application gives officers in non-patrol units the same robust access to information that they are used to from the laptop or desktop. Presented in a slick, modern, touch and gesture friendly interface, the Versaterm vMobile puts the significant query, messaging, and dispatch functionality in the palm of your hand.


The Mobile Report Entry solution is tightly integrated to the vRMS. It uses the same structure, field names, entry techniques, choice tables, help text, etc. to allow comfortable migration between mobile and desktop facilities. In addition, the vMRE has cue cards and report categories that are used to prompt the officers and to reflect department policy. 


Versaterm’s Records Management System empowers agencies to organize, search and report detailed information with ease and efficiency - all in one user-friendly interface. Whether on a desktop or on a mobile device, vRMS offers seamless information management and allows quick records entry process, enabling users to find the records they’re looking for in a flash.


Versaterm offers a solution that puts the power of business intelligence in your hands.  With a rich data set stored in a simplified format in the Versaterm Data Mart (vDM), analysts can choose how to access data using virtually any application, from spreadsheets and mapping programs to sophisticated business intelligence software. 

With Versaterm’s Crime Analysis Package, the ability to extract incident and crime data is at your fingertips!


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